Confused Select a Concept? We have 40+ Anniversary Party Ideas for You

Graduation Day is all about you and whatbetter way to express your individuality than decorating your graduation cap? I’vegot a few ideas to share with you today to get you started. You can never have too much bling. For this one, add stickers to the top, place rhinestones around it to create your design and then remove the stickers and you’re done.

If you’re a fan of tie dye or bright colors, I have three ways you can achieve this look. On this one, we used scrapbook paper and used stickers to spell hire me on the top. This one’s really easy. On this one, weused a white cotton fabric, like a t-shirt or cloth napkin, and did the spiral tie dye technique. Once you wash and dry it, just wrap it around the top and leave a hole for the button. Here we used the same technique as the first cap and spelled out finally on the top with stickers. Then we used Tulip Color Shot on top, which is really cool.

It’s like spray paint but for fabric. Once you’ve sprayed it on top of the stickers, let it dry and then remove the stickers forthis look. Coloring books are still really ontrend. For this one, we used coloring book pages that are actually stickers. Justcolor it, peel off the sticker, and apply it to the top, once again leaving a holefor the button.

Couldn’t be any more simple. Lastly, duck tape is really fun to work with and comes in bright colors and patterns. Take your graduation year, cut it out, and apply to the top. We took it a step further and added 3D roses and glued them on with hot glue. Decorating your graduation cap is aunique way to stand out in the crowd. Comment with your favorite idea belowand subscribe to our channel today.


Sean Dellon