[Korean Life Dictionary] K-Beauty

“Dictionary of Korean life” K-beauty [Dog barking in Korean] Korean women are known to have a flawless and smooth skin And that is because, since ancient times they were interested in self-care and beautification where wearing scrubs, body lotions facial creams, oils and powders with color.

Today, Korean culture has grown so much beauty that between 1800 and 2000 alone beauty brands in South Korea [Surprised dog] And you can find everything from inks lips, face masks, BB creams (creams BB) to an infinite product that neither you imagine! The cult of beauty in Korea has become so popular they are the creators of the acclaimed 10-step routine (or more) skin care It involves layering of several products on the skin: removes impurities cleaning exfoliates invigorates repairs clarifies relaxes hydrates moisturizes and protecting yourself from the sun.

[cool ] Beauty, of a beautiful Korea for a beautiful world!.

Sean Dellon