Wedding Flower Bouquets Alternative: Bridesmaids Wedding Lanterns

Hey guys welcome back to Betty’s Daughter. Here with you today with another DIY tutorial. Basically I was searching, researching online for alternative bridal bouquets. As in my past videos have done a few bridal bouquetstutorials and I wanted to do something different this time. So I happened to come across thisidea on pinterest. I have a slight obsession with pinterest actually its a big obsession. Its just an amazing platform. it has so many ideas and inspirations on anything reallyand betty’s daughter now has a pinterest account. so we have lots of amazing boards that youcan follow us on.

So do follow us the link is in our channel bio. Now what’s today’stutorial all about. Instead of getting your bridesmaids to carry the more traditionalflower bouquet. Why don’t you get them to carry this. A lantern. I think its just sopretty, quirky but just so beautiful and would work really well in a garden wedding, outdoorwedding, beach wedding absolutely beautiful for an evening ceremony. I just think it wouldbring a special kind of magic to any wedding. For that bride who wants to be different anddoesn’t want the traditional flower bouquets for her wedding. I think this is a fantasticidea.

If you want to find out how I put this together keep watching the video. So the firstthing you are going to need is some form of lantern. The one I am using is garden candleholder. I bought this from my local discount shop and it cost me £1 as it was on sale. It was originally £2. 99 but I got it for a £1. Bargain. Then you are going to needsome battery operated fairy lights. I wouldn’t recommend using tea lights for only for thefact that it might get too hot and you want to minimise anybody getting hurt or burnt.

Here I have some flat moss. That’s what it says on the package but I guess any form ofmoss would do. So begin by turning on your fairy lights and then what I am going to dois take some moss and put it underneath the battery holder and over the top. I am justusing this to hide the battery holder. I don’t really want to see it whilst its in the lantern. So I am just popping it in the lantern.

You see its a very simple tutorial and jus makingsure that it’s covered nicely. So all that’s left is to bung the fairy lights into thelantern and you are done. All in all this project cost me £5 altogether. So not onlyis it gorgeous but it’s cost effective as well. So if you are looking for an alternativebridal bouquet idea why not try this lantern idea. Not only is it pretty, cost effectiveit would make a lovely keepsake for your bridesmaids. So i hope you have been inspired by this videoand if you got any other bridal alternatives please let us know.

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Sean Dellon