20+ DIY Beautiful Floral Candles Wedding Favors Ideas

(light rock music) – Hey lovelies. How’s it going? Ann, here. So since spring is coming up I thought a lot ofpeople will have showers and also weddings. So, this DIY is all around that. We are going to make somereally pretty flower votives. And they’re so simple, yetso beautiful and elegant to have as a home decoration or just to give as gifts. So let’s go ahead and get started.

All right guys, so the firstthing we’re going to do is start with some jars. Make sure that you have plentyof jars to work around with if you will be making these as gifts. I found these cute jars from Target. They have lids on them, so find something that have lids. Okay, so to make these into candles glue the base of your wick onto the bottom of your jar, just like so. Glue on my wicks. And you can find these wicks online.

I’ll have link on the bottom of this video for you guys to find them. Okay, so now it’s time toheat up the wax and melt it. I already melted a cup and now I’m going to melt another cup. And we’re going to popthis in the microwave and heat it up for two minutes. Between time you can justtake it out and stir it. Give it a nice stir so that wayit can melt nice and evenly. All right, so I addedin some fragrance oil and now I’m going to pour this mixture in with the hot wax and the fragrance oil. So I poured it in about 3/4 full. And now I’m going to take some Scotch tape just to hold up my wick. All right, so we have three candles down and now we just have to let them set. Now, with the covers,what we’re going to do with them is just cover them with some really pretty flowers.

You can make paper flowersor you can decorate this however way you like. But since spring iscoming I want to use some really pretty flowersand plus I have a whole bunch of these flowers leftover from my other DIY. So, I’m gonna add some glue here. Glue that to the bottom. I always like to startwith, like, the leaves first because they’re, like, great fillers. And then I go in with the flowers and then I dab that on. Just like so. Just like that. It’s pretty. I love mixing the whiteand pink flowers together.

They’re so pretty. So, I think this will look cute. Maybe, we’ll add somehydrangeas on the side here. I’m using, I usually liketo use the high heat glue, it really gives it a permanent hold. Some people think hot glue isn’t permanent but if you use, like, the right kind it will stay on forever. All right everyone, that is it for today. Thank you, so much, for watching. If you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up. I would really appreciate it. Other than that, if youwill be recreating this, please tag me, I would love,love to see your recreations. And join my mailing list. I have a mailing list linkbelow where you can join the Ann Club and I will make sure to send you weekly loves with notes of inspiration to add to also some favorite recipes.

Thank you guys, so much, for watching and I will see you next week.

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