Oscar Party Planning Tips : Oscar Party Decorations

Now the theme of this party is stars, notjust celebrities. We’re going to make it either star cutouts that you can make yourself oryou can grab these for like fifty cents or a dollar depending on the size at Partyland.It’s a great, especially if they’re metallic, then it will reflect the light and just giveyou like a more upscale feel.And you can just hang them from the ceiling all aroundand you can use the color scheme that I have chosen is gold, silver and black.

And I justgot them in all the different sizes, three different sizes and I’ll probably just, youcould stick some against the walls or just keep hanging them from the ceiling to makeyour guests really feel like the stars they are. And you can also make these black curtainsvery easily if you want to make a grand entrance for your stars when they’re coming throughthe door or just on a wall.

But these are just black plastic table covers and they’rejust a little over a dollar for a table cover that would fit an eight foot table and youcan just string them up anywhere and it gives you a really fun and look like a stage.

Source: Youtube

Sean Dellon