Planning Your Wedding: Wedding Cars and Everything You Need to Know

Natalie: So, Ally thanks so much for doingthis today. It’s wonderful to be visiting here and just having a look at your beautifulcars. Ally: Not a problem at all. Thanks for coming. Natalie: So I really appreciate that. So I guess, yeah, we’d just like to know a littlebit about you and the business so that we can kind of pass that on to brides and justlook at some the common questions that you get asked from brides when they come to visitor look at booking into Absolute Vintage.

Ally: Yes. Natalie: So just a little bit about yourself Ally, and the business. Ally: Okay, well we started off, my husband Steve. He bought a Rolls Royce about 10 yearsago, which he loved, and then a couple of years after that, we bought a Daimler. Natalie: And did you just bought the Rolls Royce for yourself, just because you lovedvintage cars? Ally: Yes. Steve’s English and he alwayswanted an old vintage car. Natalie: Beautiful. Ally: And this one came up and we thought, ‘Will we, won’t we?”, and we eventuallybought it and he was very happy with it – absolutely loved it.

And then he was working on a buildingsite and he had an opportunity of purchasing the Daimler from a chap and he had done itup and so he bought the Daimler quite a few years after that, and it sort of became partof our little business as well. We didn’t really hire our cars out to beginwith; we just had them for personal fun, and then we started driving for George and Irenewho you would know, obviously. Natalie: Yeah, everyone here who has workedin the industry knows George and Irene and has wonderful things to say about them. Theywere quite a partnership in the wedding industry, for a while there.

Ally: Yes. Natalie: And everyone knew their cars. Soyeah, so you’ve taken on their business now?Ally: Yes. Natalie: You’ve taken on a great reputation. Ally: Yes. Very lucky, very lucky. It’s one of the most wonderful things I’ve donein my life as far as work goes. It’s absolutely… it’s a great business. We are really, reallyhappy with it and yeah, we basically enjoy every weekend. We really look forward to theweekends. Natalie: And so what’s the first thing thatyou get asked by couples when they come to have a look at your cars?Ally: Basically when…if a couple does come to the house, we have usually spoken to themprior to make sure that we have the availability for them to start with, okay.

Natalie: Right. Sure. Ally: So that’s pretty much important becausethey are very popular and quite often you’ll find that they are booked out. So we makesure that the date is available for them before they come to the home, and when they cometo the house and they basically have an idea of what they’re looking at because theyhave seen us on the website usually or in a magazine, and then when they come here,I guess they’re just wanting to make sure that the cars were as lovely as what theythink they are. So they are not unhappy usually when they come here, they are just saying,“Oh, wow! This looks beautiful. ” Natalie: Yeah, and I guess they are wantingto meet with you as well. Ally: Of course. Natalie: And get the feel about the cars and probably have a sit in them and get a feelfor them? And do most couples book, because I see you’ve got quite a few cars out there. So how many cars do you have? Ally: We have five of our own.



Sean Dellon