Simple Prom Makeup! by Jess and Jenna

Hey guys. It’s Jess. And it’s Jenna. And welcome back to Squared. It might be a littlebit late for some of you but some of you mightstill be having prom. So if you want to see howto get this make-up look that Jessica did on me it is an easy prom make-up tutorial that’s kind of neutral. If you’re really new with make-up, having someone help you do your make-up is a really helpful thing for prom. So, you could show someone this tutorial and try and have them do it on you. I would just probably practice it before the actual day of prom.

It’s been – Four – Four years Since we went to prom so. I mean, not that long. So, if you guys enjoy this tutorial and you’re going to use it for prom or another event, then make sure you give it a like. And don’t forget to gosubscribe down below. Also leave us a comment downbelow as you’re watching this if you’re going to prom this year tell us what your dress looks like, and what color it is, or what your suit looks like.

– Yeah, whatever you’re wearing to prom, tell us what you’re wearing.

– What are you wearing to prom? – Let’s get into the tutorial.

We are going to start off using NYX concealer palette. This is the one in light. Just going to take some yellow concealer. She already has foundation on so Use a sponge for this, but we’re just going to use our fingers. Did you wash your hands? – Yes. The rest of her face is like pretty good, so I mean, it’s you know. What? – This is air spun loose face powder, air spun, yeah. This is just Stila Sun, this is shade too. An angled brush, and very lightly kind ofgoing along cheekbone area but I’m not exactly contouring. If that makes sense. Using her Nyx contour palette now. I’m going to mix these two, contouring slightly. Optional I mean you can go back andput some darker bronzer along the temples and everything but if you’re new to contouring and everything you know, you could just do yourcheekbones or whatever.


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