Winter / Spring 2017 Fashion Haul & Try-On: 30+ Ideas

Hey guys. Today I would like to do a haul, because I was shopping throughout January and A bought like quite a few things to wear mostly for spring, so I thought I would show them to you, because all of them are like pretty much basic pieces, you know You can still get them definitely. And you know, they are, they are going to hopefully be great for the transition period from winter to spring, and then for spring/summer, you know, whatever.

So I have things from Topshop, from Czech store called Zoot and from Asos as well. And I’m also going to talk in short about things that I ordered as well but I had to return and you know, I’m going to like show you a picture and I’m going to tell you why I had to return them, because I thought that would be helpful. So let’s start with Topshop. First thing I got was this basic t-shirt. I’m going to show you in the cutaways anyway. It’s like a beige colour with like slight pink-ish undertones and you know, it’s like your basic tee. It was like 12 pounds I think.

And it’s got like wear and tear details if you can see, on the colar and on the sleeves as well, and it’s got an unfinished hem at the bottom. It’s a good material actually, it’s very like a thick material, it’s not see-through at all I actually already got rid of the labels but I’m going to search if it’s. I think it’s going to be like one hundred percent cotton. But yeah, I got it in size 38 European or UK 10, US 6. And it has, it’s like quite an oversized fit, so just keep that in mind if you like the oversized look then go for your usual size. If you want it to be like not that oversized, I would go like, size down, so like a smaller size. Next thing I got from Topshop was this black denim jacket from the Topshop Moto range, this still has the tags on. I wore the t-shirt already but I didn’t wear the jacket. Yeah so they say it’s like an oversized jacket and I actually read the reviews on the Topshop website The people said that if you want the oversized look you should size up actually because it’s not like that oversized in real life.

So I went a size up, I went for the UK 12, US 8, European forty and it actually is like quite oversized. So if you don’t want like an actual oversized look I would go for your usual size and you don’t have to be afraid that it would be like to small or something. Yeah, this is like actually oversized, the sleeves are like, even like a little bit too long for me, but you know, I can just roll them up and I like the oversized look so you know, it was pretty much what I was going for. So that’s good. It was 45 pounds, 60 euros, 85 dollars. And yeah it’s like a pretty heavy denim.

A already have like a blue, light blue denim jacket but I find it hard to combine with like my other denim stuff, like jeans. Because the color is not like the best shade of blue so it’s hard to pair with blue jeans, but it’s also kind of hard to part with like black jeans so I was like, let’s go for a black one. I think it was a good choice. Because I have a lot of like darker gray or black jeans, so it’s gonna be good with those and with black- blue one as well and, you know, hopefully it’s going to be a good alternative to my black leather jacket.

So yeah, we’ll see. I think I’m going to wear this with a lot of stuff and you know, since its oversized, I can like layer things underneath as well. So yeah. And there was another thing I ordered from Topshop, but I returned it. I ordered the Topshop mom jeans, because I really wanted to get a pair of mom jeans. But for some reason I ordered the size waist 32 and leg 30, which. They were super huge on me. And I’m not sure if they would actually be like super flattering on me even if I got the right size because like on the bum they weren’t like too big really, but around the waist they were like, I would fit like twice in there. So they probably weren’t like the best shape for my body, pear shape. So yeah I had to return those because they were like a huge fail.

Next I bought two pairs of loafers from a store called Zoot, it’s like a Czech store, it’s similar to Asos. The brand is actually Czech, so I’m not sure about the like international availability of the shoes, but I’m going to try and search for something similar and link it down below. First I ordered these black leather loafers with a pointed toe. I actually blogged about them in my 2017 fashion wish list, which I’m going to link to the post below, and I ordered those because they were on sale, but unfortunately they didn’t suit me. They made my feet look huge which I was kind of afraid of they would do that, so they did.

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