Quince/Wedding DIY Custom Candle Centerpieces Easy & Fun

Hello Girls! Welcome to my channel MyQuinceanera Happy 2016! If a new year! Many quinceaneras to come I am excited to help them plan and be part of your special day For today decided one video that can be customized DIY If there is one thing and I learned is that each quinceañera is completely different if completely different! You can use this project throughout quinceañera and personalized For this project you’ll need.

Candles of any size and shape Paper gift bag on white CEDA paper Scissors and tape Finally, a hair dryer, computer, and printer We have to start Start with the wrapping paper And a white printer paper, scissors, and tape Take a page of wrapping paper and expands on your table Tracing the printer paper on the wrapping paper then cut the paper When you’re done taking the wrapping paper and put it on paper printer Secured together with adhesive tape If not cortastes the wrapping paper just do not worry.

Is better than the wrapping paper is a little smaller. Haci will not atrabar in the printer Put tape ditching the papers together Especially corners Haci will not atrabar in the printer If you can not be a disorder When you’re done amararlos together you can put aside design that sige Now put on your computaroda and write what you like to put on your candle If you like you can also choose a design Google. Just copy it and put it to print Print works best in black but you can use different colors if you like. I had no color printer that print in black only Here wrote “My Fifteen” and a date I also wrote my name and my sister I will integrate design stars No need was just playing with the design Since finalizes your design is time to print This is my printer.

It is a regular printer I’m putting the paper together. The gift paper side should be placed face down It is then printed as a plain paper And there goes Here is the wrapping paper with my design Since this printed You’ll cut your design Try to cut your design fences No matter if you have a little excessive paper Then you remove the printer paper to leave only the wrapping paper with your design Take your candle Make sure the candle is straight before putting your design The first time I did put the candle upside down 🙁 So make sure that this straight candle Take a piece of tissue paper Put your design on the sail where you want.

Soba paper on the well set sail. Put the tissue paper on the design and well apretadito sailing. You put a little piece of tape so that it does not move. Ensures the tissue paper and your design until it feels smooth. Finally take your dryer and ‘dry’ envelope design It will melt a bit and that will ensure the design When your design is darkens when it is ready The entire design should darken to ready When the image darkens and ready! Remove the tape and tissue paper. Look at your beautiful and unique design.

Look mine 🙂 This is a perfect way to personalize your centerpieces with candles I try! second candle For the second candle I decided to use the name Michelle I’ll cut the design without the star because I did not taste much like came before. Do the same steps. Remove the printer paper.

Put your design on the sail where your you please This candle has a different way but I could assure well with tissue paper Well secure it with tape Now you use your dryer until the design is completely dark Now that is ready only removes the tissue paper And here we our private custom candle “Michelle” OMG! I think it came out really nice Especially because it is sailing to float Here is the personalized candles That’s all for this video.

Sample for Wedding Centerpieces:


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