50+ Good Looking Groomsmen, Wedding Tips for You

Welcome back to another Wedding Tip Wednesday! Today’s question is: Q: We’re having a casual outdoor weddingand I’m wondering if we need to dress the groomsmen in suits? I want them to look good,but I don’t want them to overheat in the summer sun! A: And this is actually a really common question.

So no, you definitely don’t need to dress yourfiancé or the groomsmen in suits! In fact there are plenty of ways to dress up the guysso they’re looking sharp, but also NOT going to melt standing up for the ceremony.

For the price you’d pay to rent a tux youcould also go out and buy a fairly decent men’s outfit – which means they’ll probablyhave the opportunity to wear the pieces again which is always an added bonus. Start witha nice pair of trousers and a shirt, and then accessorise as you please. You can try ties,bowties, suspenders, hats, or vests.

Rolled sleeves can also compliment your casual outdooraffair and again provide a bit more comfort on a hot day. It’s a nice idea to differentiate the groomfrom the groomsmen, so consider a different coloured shirt, or tie, or some other way tokeep his look slightly different to the others.

Source: Youtube

Sean Dellon