How to Plan a Wedding: Reciprocal Bridesmaids – Do I Need to Return the Favour?

How to Plan a Wedding: Reciprocal Bridesmaids – Today’s question is: Q: Do I have ask a friend who I was a bridesmaidfor to be mine in return? This is a great question and potentially asensitive one. The short answer is no. If you stood up at a friend’s wedding you arenot obliged to ask that friend to return the favour.

Circumstances may have changed inyour relationship, you may feel closer to other friends or have a number of siblingsyou need to include instead – whatever the reason just be honest with her and let herknow that you would have loved to have had her as an attendant, but there just simplywasn’t room on your growing list.

Perhaps you didn’t want her to feel obliged to travelto all of the wedding related events since she lives out of State, or maybe you’vedecided to go with no attendants at all. Whatever the case just put yourself in hershoes, and if it feels like you think she might be a little upset about your decisionthen reach out and bridge that gap as quickly as you can.

Communication really is key here. Remember it costs you money to have attendants; bouquets, hair & make-up, thank you gifts,dresses or any other items you may be paying for can add up quickly. So shrug offthe guilt and just make sure you don’t leave your reasons left unexplained.

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Sean Dellon