Expert Tips on Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

He had everything planned out,just where and how he was going to ask me– the perfect day, the perfectplace, and the perfect ring. I couldn’t believe that he wasable to pick out a ring that was so perfect for me. And afterwards, when I told himthat, he let me know that it took a lot of searching tofind just the right one. And he let me know some tipsthat really helped him along the way. So I thought that I would sharethe tips with everyone else to make it that mucheasier for you because everyone deserves thatspecial ring.

So the first thing you need tothink about is your special someone’s style. Pay attention to the jewelrythat they wear or ask friends and loved ones for advice. Next, consider just how much youcan spend and don’t worry about that old two months’salary myth. Buy the best ring that won’tput you into major debt. A great way to get the most foryour money is to buy just shy of the next carat. Remember that the cut of adiamond is essential as the cut is really what will makeit sparkle and shine.

Explore options like antique orvintage engagement rings, as going this route can be agreat way to find a truly unique diamond engagementring. The truth is that there is noshortage of options when it comes to buying engagementrings. But with these tips and a littlesearching on eBay, I’m confident that you’ll findthat perfect ring.

Sean Dellon