Helpful Tips for Tattoo Placement! 90+ Firework Tattoo Ideas

3 tips for tattoo placement Tattoo Talk Tuesday Hello everyone is Qcknd and welcome back at Tattoo Talk Tuesday. If it is the first time that you accompany us: Tattoo Talk Tuesday is our weekly interactive question and answer video I like a tattoo collector try to lend my experience to you, the loyal audience of people, and newcomers. If it is your first time with us, Please feel free to subscribe. I post Tattoo Talk Tuesday every Tuesday.

This week I received a lot of questions all over the placement of tattoos. And I think that tattoo placement a very personal choice, So this week I will give you three tips for planning your own personal tattoo placement. These tips will ask that you yourself or you can set tattoo artist in the consultation process. These questions will help you in planning or your future tattoos or your first tattoo.

This video was inspired by my girlfriend Livia. Last night we were talking a tattoo that she wants and I felt that I ask a laundry list went with her. Then I thought: Hey, This could be valuable information. So while she has her tattoo planning, I want to help you with planning your tattoo. I think the first element, well, I think all three of these things all have their own value. I think you should ask yourself first if you want a visible tattoo. This is something that even I myself still demand, because if you see me as, I’m not so obvious from tattooed. Of course, I’ll just show a little shoulder action.

But this is something I still every time I have a conversation about with myself and with my tattoo artist: “You want visible tattoos?” Now, it is very important to think about this, For what is a visible tattoo for you, can mean something completely different for someone like me. I remember my very first visible tattoo by which I mean something on the arms or legs. That was the boat tattoo. It was my very first tattoo under my elbow. So it was the first tattoo that I could not hide with a three-quarter sleeve T-shirt.

My first visible tattoo. I remember that when I was at BMEZine, they had a small XBox Live completion standing before your very first visible tattoo. This is a conversation you should have with yourself. Now, many people think: I’ll get a tattoo behind my ear, which will be hidden. You should think about your own lifestyle. For me, if I have a tattoo behind my ear, as I raise my hair was visible. You can even just watch this. On the back of your neck, such things.

Depending on where you live, the weather, those are things that can make visible your personal tattoo than anyone else. In the winter I am NOT a tattooed person. I have a jacket, a sweatshirt and jeans, and so I’m completely free tattoo. If I could get put something on my neck, I suddenly have a tattoo that I can no longer hide. If you live in a warmer climate, This may mean that you need a tattoo on your body instead of on your shoulder, because you may wear sleeveless garments. might choose a tattoo on your hip, instead of your calf. You can plan your tattoos like me: I can choose the visibility of my tattoos, and that may be something you are also interested.

But there’s always that situation where you might not be able to hide your tattoos. Talk to yourself about how much of your tattoo you do or do not want exposed. If you want tattoos that only you enjoying and private for you, place them in a private place on your body. So only you can enjoy it on any day. Tattoos do not have to exhibit. They can be completely private for you. I think there is something very aanlokkelijks to all have secret tattoos, nobody ever gets to see. Maybe you show them one day someone and go “Wow, did you ever!” If you want to direct a visible tattoo go, I think that’s entirely your right.

I do not think there in 2016 much is left of the innuendo you first need to put this kind of tattoo before you can have this kind. I think some people immediately take a visible tattoo and thick okay. What if the only tattoo that you want, there is one on your wrist? Go for it. The next important question you should ask yourself is: “I want more than one tattoo?” This can be very first tattoo, if you want more than one tattoo on your arm, on your chest, your legs, your back? It is very important to ask yourself this question because, if like me you plant to build together several tattoos, it is very important to report it to your tattoo artist.

I think if I from the beginning told all my different tattoo artists: “Hey, I hope I will have a traditional tattoo sleeve one day” it is much easier for the tattoo artists to plan the various tattoos. By the end of the completion of my arm, I was mostly tattooed by Mark Cross. Because I was tattooed by one person on my arm, they were able to fit things together and create one single coherent pieces. They include the whole puzzle together for you. If you want to be tattooed by different people, I think that is very valuable to mention. Sometimes when you let someone know: “Hey, I want a tattoo here but later I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist ” I think it helps the tattoo artist and you visualize the tattoo that can be built, as opposed to one large tattoo, which is positioned so that it can be difficult to continue to build on. I tell you all this, because I’ve had challenges, when I tattooed the top of my arm.

You can see that there is no gap between these two tattoos. That made it a little challenging for me, When I wanted to build there. These two tattoos are indeed so close together, this has turned into one giant tattoo. That was not my desired result at the completion of my arm. Some of you may know I let rework the top of my arm. Now it is more consistent with the rest of my arm, but if I had thought about it the first time, I did not have laser removal and thereafter must have a complete reworking of the tattoo. From the beginning I had myself a lot of misery and a lot can save money I think this is very valuable to think about it because I’ve seen beautiful traditional tattoos, which are disposed a lot bigger on the body.

Maybe someone went to: “Hey, I know I want a tattoo on my leg. ” This can be something big and beautiful plans and it can take up much space, or it may still be minimal. In this way is that tattoo in that space and I think the left open space is as important if the tattoo itself. These are all things to think about and to tell to your tattoo artist. So off: “Hey, I just want to have tattooed the top of this arm and maybe the bottom of the arm.

” That way you can visualize yourself and see yourself as a finished piece. Even if you do not plant to fully done your body to get in a given time, have at least an idea where you are involved in the work and what your goals tattoo. Of course, that change and there are plenty of options for you if you want to change, but I think one of the things I regret, I’ve taken a small tattoo on my back, because later I wanted a big tattoo to occupy the entire space. I think it’s fairly common you see tattoos on people where they their smaller, beginner tattoo have incorporated into their larger tattoo. You have to decide if that is something you want.

I think it’s smart to plan this from the start. Maybe you do not know what tattoos you want, but sometimes it helps to know what tattoos do not want. Finally, my last point for this video: Which tattoo style will you be done tattoos? I asked my girlfriend Danielle for help with this, because I told her that The dialogue is sometimes sent to my channel toward people who do not have tattoos. I wanted to talk to someone who is already a tattooed person, and who should think about these questions. You know Danielle maybe my Pokemon Go video. Look at it if you have not seen it. Danielle says: “Traditional style geometric point work, writing and tribal can all work well on their own, but in Japanese style, neo-traditional style and realism, I work feel they best as part of a larger whole. From an outside perspective, they look more unfinished as a single piece.

” I think that’s quite true. I know I, if a person generally takes traditional tattoos, my tattoos can stand alone, or they may be in group What is easy for me and my budget and my lifestyle, and my pain tolerance, because I can just here and there take small tattoos and eventually build up to a larger piece, but between my sessions, my tattoos can stand alone. So if you decide you want an example, traditional tattoo, then it can stand alone on your arm, or you can build on in the future. That way you’ll know where to put it, or where it could stand alone. But, as Danielle said, if you would go for a Japanese or neo-traditional tattoo, these tattoos look best if they build on each other.

You see many Japanese tattoos that cover the entire back, the full leg, the entire chest, for the arm, but it is not often that you see a single Japanese tattoo. They do exist, but as Danielle said, they sometimes look unfinished from the perspective of an outsider, but because they are a single piece. So if you know what style of tattoo you are going to take, it is sometimes easier to plan the placement, because you can go to: “But if I go take a single dragon on my back, I might be on my lower back take a flower and my upper back a tiger and then come all these pieces together.

” But as Danielle said, if you are just going to take a point of work piece, or a very simple piece of line, This sometimes look very nice just by itself posted somewhere. Using your discretion, placed somewhere very soft and beautiful. I think these pieces have a lot of power in itself, but it depends very much on its placement. Obviously you have to decide how big your tattoo will be, and of course you can get tattoos in different sessions, but you must have available the entire space and ready to plan out. Thank you all! Of course you have stabbing much thought into placement, things I can not decide for you and things I can not even put into words.

It’s a lot of mental things and it can be very difficult. Other people have left comments on my channel they body folders are printed and colored. I think that’s really cool, I’ve told you once, When I previously planned my tattoos, I drew them myself with a pencil or eyeliner I wore them for a few days and looked at what I thought about their feelings. These are all things you can do. These are just my tips for placement. Let me know in the comments below this video what your placement tips and what you have done to decide what you will be tattoos.

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Sean Dellon